Hearing Evaluation:

We do a complete hearing test, which includes listening for beeps, repeating back words and checking the eardrum movement. If hearing loss is present, it will be explained to you in easy to understand terms. Then, you may see Dr. Milbrath (ENT) to see if the hearing loss can be treated either medically or surgically. If not, hearing aids would be recommended.


Hearing Aids:

After a discussion of your lifestyle and hearing needs, a decision will be made about the correct style of hearing aid for you. Hearing aids come with a 45-day trial period to determine if they are working well for you. Also, visits for hearing aid cleanings and programming are covered for the life of the instrument.


Behind-the-Ear Slim Tube Behind-the-Ear In-the-Ear Half-Shell Completely in the Canal


Custom Earpieces:

We can make custom earpieces for many applications:

  • Hearing Protection for Loud Noise
  • Musician’s Hearing Protection
  • Earplugs for Snoring
  • Custom Molds for iPods, iPhones, or Bluetooth Cell Phones
  • Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP)—This product allows you to hear ordinary conversation, the flush of a bird or the rustle of a deer stepping on leaves. The moment your ears are subjected to any loud noise, the device instantly blocks out the damaging sounds. You will still hear sounds around you, even as others are shooting, but without risk of damage to your hearing.