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ENT Treatment Center, LLC is here to serve your hearing health needs. Kimberly Jones works closely with, and in the offices of, Dr. Mary M. Milbrath, M.D. an otolaryngologist/ENT physician. Together we can offer you the full range of appropriate options (medical, surgical, and/or hearing aids as needed) to address your hearing loss. In the July 2009 issue of their Health publication, Consumer Reports said this about this synergistic approach to treatment,

For everyone else [non-veterans], our suggested choice [for obtaining your hearing aid] is a medical office headed by an otolaryngologist/ENT who employs an audiologist to fit and dispense hearing aids.

About one in five survey respondents got their hearing aids from a doctor's office. They gave those hearing-aid providers higher marks on their thoroughness in evaluating hearing loss than did respondents who went to other types of providers. Another plus: An ear doctor can rule out medical conditions such as a tumor or bacterial infection in the ear that might be affecting your hearing. He can also clear your ears of wax so that you're ready for your hearing test.

In the same issue, Consumer Reports Health also stated, "Of the battery of tests [that CR finds necessary], one stands out as a must-have: the real-ear test which measures the match between your hearing loss and the response of your hearing aid. More than half of hearing aid providers have real-ear testing, but less than a quarter use it regularly." To ensure you get the best results from your hearing aid, we at the ENT Treatment Center use the Aurical Visible Speech® with every new hearing aid fitting and with subsequent follow-up appointments. This allows us to diagnose your hearing issues and then program your hearing aids for optimum performance.

We always strive to offer you superior customer service. Please read our testimonials. We offer the latest digital hearing aids at many price points, so we can find a product that best fits your needs and your budget. We look forward to serving you.


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