There are three things businesses can give priority to when they advertise. They are: Price, Customer Service, and Quality Product.

Here at ENT Treatment Center, our priority is on the quality of the professional service our patients receive and on the quality of the hearing aids.

Customer Service:  We provide great customer service and work patiently with you to find solutions for your hearing needs. Our goal is for patients to feel satisfied and taken care of when they think of our hearing care. For example, we have the newest technology that allows us to fit a hearing aid better then ever.

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Quality Product:  We work with several manufacturers, so we are able to order devices based on your specific listening needs. We attend regular training on the latest products out on the market.

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Lowest Price:  While our pricing is competitive, we do not advertise “lowest prices” and other gimmicks. Many of our new patients come here because of the positive word of mouth they hear about us. So the next time you read an advertisement claiming “lowest price”, consider what you might be giving up. Ironically, we end up costing less because those “lowest price” advertisers don’t mention the extra charges for services we consider normal. We offer visits for the life of your hearing instrument.