For the Hearing Impaired:

  • Be your own advocate - tell others about your hearing loss and the best way to communicate with you
  • Reduce Background Noise
  • Position yourself so you can see the person with whom you are speaking – Make sure lighting is adequate
  • Practice lip reading
  • Listen for key words – often, it is not necessary to hear every word to get the meaning
  • When having difficulty, ask the speaker to rephrase what was said
  • When having great difficulty, ask the person to spell the word
  • If having difficulty getting a number, have the person count up to that number

For communicating with a person with hearing impairment:

  • Reduce background noise
  • Do not speak too quickly
  • Rephrase what was missed rather than repeat
  • Ensure you have the listener’s attention before speaking
  • Speak naturally – louder is not always better
  • Do not try to talk from the other room – face to face contact is critical