"Kim Jones provides excellent service. She is technically knowledgeable on current developments in the hearing aid industry. She spends time with you to understand your likes and dislikes about the trial instruments. Reviewing the data logging features of some instruments helps the patient understand their unique environments. Fitting and spare disposable parts are part of the value but the personal service and concern for finding the right product for the patient is what makes the difference. I have and will continue to recommend Kim to my coworkers and family members."

- A. D.


"Dr. Kimberly Jones has been my only audiologist for more than three years. I went to her by referral. I have no intentions to look any farther for hearing diagnostics. She is compassionate and understanding and will listen to the patient so that a method of correction can be accomplished."

- E. B.


"Loss of hearing has a stigma attached to it and older people tend to be vain about wearing hearing aids. I knew when it was time, my husband could not stand the volume of the TV. My grandchildren had to repeat themselves and I was smiling and nodding at folks as if I understood everything they said. Dr. Jones was very patient, kind, and caring during my visit. If I was unhappy with the product, Dr. Jones made necessary changes until I was satisfied. She is very ‘patient centered’.”

- S.H.


"After much reluctance, I was fitted with Siemens hearing aids. They have been great. I truly didn't realize how much I was missing. Dr. Kimberly Jones was quite helpful and the results were better than I hoped. As a musician, I am able to hear musical notes much more clearly and the sound is much more full. The result has been an improvement in both my listening and my performance. Thanks!"

- R. F.


"I felt Dr. Jones went past the whole nine yards to try to help me." - IH

"I am very will pleased and can hear so much more than before." - EH
"I'm very pleased with my aids and the care I was given." - JS
"Very Satisfied!" - VD
"I am very happy with my attention and care." - BT
"Very happy with everything - Would recommend to others." - Anonymous

"I couldn't have been treated better if I were family.  I felt every effort was made to help me hear better." 

- Anonymous

"Kim was very thorough and helpful.  Kim was always available when I ran into problems." 

- Anonymous