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TIP: Thinner Energizer batteries may cause intermittencies with hearing aids

If you are noticing any issues with intermittencies in your hearing aid, please check to see which batteries you are using. I have noticed some intermittent issues with the Energizer batteries because they are very slightly thinner than others. If you are using Energizer, try a different brand like Ray-o-Vac, Walgreens, or Power One.  Good luck!  - Dr. Jones


Transplanted stem cells show potential to repair tissue that caused hearing loss

An Australian study was recently published in the February 9, 2011 issue of Stem Cells. Mice are similar to humans in that they show a decline in hearing function following infancy. Researchers injected adult nasal stem cells into the cochlea of mice with hearing loss. A month later, mice with the transplant showed better hearing than those who did not receive the stem cells. The transplanted cells have the potential to repair tissue by replacing damaged cells and enhancing the survival of existing cells.


Seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia

A study completed by Johns-Hopkins National Institute on Aging found that seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia. This may be due to a common pathology that underlie both hearing loss and dementia or the strain of decoding sounds over the years may overwhelm the brains of people with hearing loss. Also, hearing loss often leads to social isolation which is a known risk factor for dementia. Interventions like hearing aids may delay or prevent the onset of dementia.